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What is TradingDesk Pro 5 TM



Working with pages (screens)


How to form list structure

Cutting  frames

Deleting frames

Filling frames with information

Creating and saving customer's screens

Loading of customer's screens

Unloading screens

Changing screen name


Tables and reports in TradingDesk Pro 5


Working with system tables

Table data sorting

Table data filtration

Changing font size in tables

Changing background color of table

Creating custom tables

Calling custom tables

Maximizing frames

Forex Dealing Rates (Quotes) table

Account Status table

Open Trades table

Opening Orders table

Settled Trades table

Position Review table data

Orders History table

Tick Data table

Funds Deposit and Withdraw


Making Deals, placing orders


Making Deals (terminology)

Making Deals, setting orders

Changing and Erasing of GTC orders

Stop Loss and Limit Profit orders

Relations between whole and specific Stop/Limit orders

Trailing orders

One chancels the others orders (groups).

Pending Orders restrictions

Price Level alerts


Forex Rates, News, Charts, Indicators.


Forex news and forecasts

Forex Charts

Forex Charts Options

Forex Chart dragging

Charting Trend Lines

Technical analysis Indicators

Indicator's properties

Getting rates from the chart

Deleting all lines, indicators, subwindows

Information Line


Exporting history and on-line rates data


Adjusting TradingDesk Pro 5 for exporting data via DDE on-line.

Adjusting Omega ProSuite (TradeStation) for receiving data through DDE online

Adjusting Equis MetaStock for receiving data via DDE online

Importing historical data from DealingDesk 2000 into Omega Research ProSuite (TradeStation)

Importing historical data from DealingDesk 2000 into Equis MetaStock

Exporting through DDE into Microsoft Excel