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Importing historical data from DealingDesk 2000 into Equis MetaStock


DealingDesk 2000 automatically creates files of historical data which are suitable for loading into MetaStock.


Building of the chart will create file on corresponding instrument in the folder where TradingDesk Pro 5 was installed (default is C:\Program Files\FX Euroclub ENG\data\ ). The name of the file includes such attributes as: <instrument>_<ASK/BID>_<period>.txt (ex. GBPUSD_ASK_60.txt),



instrument - instrument's name

ASK/BID - side

period -  timeframe of current TradingDesk Pro 5 chart


This files are available for exporting into MetaStock.


Please note, that there is no "o" letter before the file's name. The files with such letter are created specially for exporting data into Omega TradeStation.


Please note: For this moment TradingDesk Pro 5 has restrictions for loading and allows to load only 560 last bars, that is why by exporting one-minute rates into XPO you are loading the data for last 9,3 hours and by exporting five-minutes rates into XPO you are loading the data for last 46,6 hours.


If you need to fill up the gap which occurred few days ago, you can get the data in text format for exporting into XPO here:


All questions on transferring of historical data into TradeStation you can send us by e-mail through contact page:

These questions can be also asked at our  forex forum