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Settled Trades table


Settled Trades table is the form of the report on the closed (settled) trades. Settled Trades table is assigned for viewing information on already closed trader's positions. Customer can view in one table information about closed positions simultaneously both on all currency pairs and in any sets by means of the filter. It is possible to conduct also current sorting and filtration in the table. Settled Trades table has the following appearance:




Label "from ~   to ~"  shows the period of statement. Customer can change period by "Set filter" window options.


Settled Trades table has the following columns:


·        Account - Trader's account number.
·        Ticket - unique number of closed trade. The close trade number is taken from the corresponding open trade number.
·        Currency - Trading instrument (currency pair of closed trade).
·        Operation - type of deal: buy (long position) or sell (short position).
·        Volume - deal (trade) amount.
·        Open Rate - currency rate at which trade was opened.
·        Close Rate - currency rate at which trade was closed.
·        Commissions - commission (see preceding section). From 01.07.05 High Street Networking takes no commission.
·        Interest - the amount paid by client for carrying over his/her positions on next day. Commission fee called Interest is $1,5 per 10 000 lot of base currency (Please check out our current trading fees).  It is paid for carrying over each minimum lot of the open position to next day. Essentially it is an interest rate, paid by the client for possessing a credit for the position opening and carrying in amount, which exceed one on the customers account.
·        Total P/L - profit/ loss of closed trade in US dollars. Please note that Total P/L is estimated disregarding commission and interest, as well as in the Open Trades table .
·        Open Date, Open Time -  date, time when trade (position) was opened.
·        Close Date, Close Time -  date, time when trade (position) was closed.
·        Reason - The method position (trade) was closed. Asking - any type of market order. GTC (Good till canceled) - pending order. Margin - Margin Call close - system has closed trade automatically because there was not enough assets on the deposit to maintain current open positions. Stop - trade was closed with Stop Loss order set by customer. Limit - - trade was closed with Limit Profit order set by customer.