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Working with system tables


Most part of information provided to users is presented in the form of varied tables. Main system tables are:


·        Dealing Rates - rates table (bid and ask) for last minutes.
·        Account Status - Traders current account status and archive information for any period form account opening till today.                
·        Open Trades - Current opened trades (positions), that are not closed by opposite trades.
·        Settled Trades -  Positions (Trades) closed by trader with opposite market operations.
·        Opening Orders - Orders set for opening new positions (GTC - Good Till Canceled orders)
·        Position Review - Review of aggregate trader's open position, its profit/loss etc.
·        Tick Data - Forex rates table (bid and ask) for last minutes.
·        Orders History - Table of all customer's market operations for selected period, including all customers orders and their changing, prices, dealer's and system's replies etc. 


User can make the following operations with the tables:


1. Widening and narrowing the columns to the point of full closing by mouse.

To do this, click on the table separator by right mouse button and drag it.




2. Data sorting on any of column by growth or decrease.

3. Data filtration on any essential factors (exchange pair, buy/sell, chosen volume or range of volumes, date, if access several accounts - by accounts) with help of system filter.

4. Creating and saving your own tables using system samples

5. Increase/reduction of font size of text in the tables

6. Saving information from tables into clipboard or file.


The line with sum of column's values is created in each column if it has homogeneous data.


Contents • Mini forex trading from $100 • TradingDesk Pro 5 - best forex software