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What is Trading Desk Lite?

Trading Desk Lite  is a simplified alternative to TradingDesk Pro developed for clients who can’t:

- install Trading Desk 2000 (for example, using pocket computer or working from office where is forbidden to install advanced software)
- work with it because of local network limitations (for example, proxy-server or closed 2001 port).


Trading Desk Lite allows to avoid all of this limitations and in spite of it’s simplicity and small volume provides opportunity to control your account completely and make deals in the same manner as by using TradingDesk Pro. All you need is an internet browser with JAVA support.

Trading Desk Lite requires Java of Sun Corp. to be installed on your computer and usually correctly works under Widows operation system. However, if you are facing problems with starting it should download and install Java from our web-site (5.4 Mb). This is old small-volume version of Java. If installation of this version didn’t resolve the problem, you can try to install last full version of Java Runtime Environment from

Otherwise contact with our technical support service by e-mail here or by ICQ 331-126-670.

If by some reasons you can not download TradingDesk Pro, you can register demo (training) account through our site:


Register a training or contest account.


Please note: real accounts can be registered only via TradingDesk Pro 5.


We recommend you to learn all features of working with Trading Desk Lite at first by using demo account.


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