Settled trades window

Settled Trades table is assigned for viewing information on already closed (settled) trader's positions. The table has the following appearance:




The fields “from” and “to” show the period of statement allow to restrict it. You can always change the period by typing the date you need in the headline of the table in DD/MM/YYYY format.




and clicking “refresh” button.


The table has the following columns:


Account - Trader's account number

Ticket - unique number of closed trade. The closed trade’s number is similar to corresponding open trade number.

Instrument - currency pair the deal was made with.

Side - type of the deal. There are two different types of deals: buy (which is also called long position) or sell ( which is also called short position).

Volume – amount of a deal (trade)

Open – currency rate at which trade was opened.

Close -  currency rate at which trade was closed.

Comm – charged commission. From 01.07.05 High Street Networking takes no commission.

Interest -  market swaps - the amount paid client (or paid company) for carrying over client’s positions on next day. So if interest (swap) is positive number than company pays client. If it is negative number than client pays company fee for each 10 000 lot of base currency. This amount depends on currency pair and side of the deal (buy position or sell position). (Please check out our current swaps table for mini forex).  Swap rate (how much is paid for one lot) in Dealing Desk system depends on interbank interest rates.

PL – Profit/Loss of closed trade in dollars. Please note, that Total P/L is estimated disregarding commission and interest, as well as in the Opened Trades window.

OpDate – date when trade (position) was opened.

OpTime – time when trade (position) was opened.

ClDate – date when trade (position) was closed.

ClTime – time when trade (position) was closed.

Reason – the method by means which position was closed:

Asking – user have closed position by himself by sending to dealer any type of market order (simple or quote);
GTC – position have been closed by execution of Good Till Canceled Order
Stop – position have been closed by execution of Stop Order set by client
Limit – position have been closed by execution of Limit Order set by client
Margin Call – the system have closed position because of lack of Free Margin on account. This means that user’s deposit funds are not enough to maintain current opened position.


More about various types of orders is written in Making Deals (terminology) section of Dealing Desk 2000/2005 help.