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Forex Rates window

Forex Rates window provides real time access to the current Forex rates.




The Forex Rates window consist of next columns:


Instrument – identifying trading instrument (currency pair or index)

Time -        last rate receiving time

Bid -  price at which trader can sell base currency

Ask – price at which trader can buy base currency

High – maximum price of the day

Low – minimum price of the day


Background of each rate signifies change in price: if new receiving rate is lower than previous one, than background is red, if new rate is higher – than blue.


By clicking right mouse button on Bid or Ask columns you can change corresponding deal settings in deals window (which situated in right part of the screen) for each currency pair respectively.


So, clicking by right mouse button, for example, on GBP/USD line in Bid column will set appropriate parameters of new deal: sell GBP/USD.

If you wish to change side of the deal just make right button click on Ask column of the same instrument and you will get the same deal settings excluding operation side: buy GBP/USD.