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Account status window

Account Status window is assigned for viewing customer account data.



The fields “from” and “to” from ~ to ~"  in the headline of the table  allow to restrict period of report. These fields indicate a time period, during which operations were conducted and for which an account report is given. You can always change the period by typing the date you need in the form in DD/MM/YYYY format.


The table has the following columns:


Account - Trader's account number


BegBalance - account volume at the beginning of the day (00:00:01) of the for the beginning period. Money deposits during this day will reflect on beginning balance only the following day.


Deposit - amount of money contributed by client on his account during the period.


Withdraw - money amount withdrawn by client from account during the period. Withdraw is indicated right away after user has made this operation. Withdrawn is made in Dealing Desk 2000/2005 from Real Account => Withdraw sections of  Dealing Desk program main menu.


Interest -  market swaps - the amount paid client (or paid company) for carrying over client’s positions on next day. So if interest (swap) is positive number than company pays client. If it is negative number than client pays company fee for each 10 000 lot of base currency. This amount depends on currency pair and side of the deal (buy position or sell position). (Please check out our current swaps table for mini forex).  Swap rate (how much is paid for one lot) in Dealing Desk system depends on interbank interest rates.


Comm - commission. From 01.07.05 High Street Networking takes no commission


Realized PL – total result of closed trades (trader’s profit or loss) for the period. This amount equals to Total P/L column in Settled Trades window for the same period.


CurrBalance – Customer’s current account balance on the end of the period taking into consideration initial deposit and results of all closed trades for the period. CurrBalance = BegBalance + Realized PL +/- Interest.


UnrealizedPL – Total current profit/loss of opened positions taking into consideration current forex rates in on-line mode. This value is equal to sum of current profit/loss for all opened trades (Total P/L column in Opened trades window).


Equity   - Account status taking into consideration current balance and results of all opened positions. Equity = CurrBalance + Unrealized PL.


UsedMargin –  The amount of money reserved for possible losses. Each minimum opened lot (10 000 of base currency) requires $50 of "Used margin".  Thus, the "Used margin" column shows the amount of funds reserved for current positions maintenance.


FreeMargin – Money amount, that may be used by a trader as a reserve (margin) for opening new trades. Usable margin = Equity - Used margin. It is counted automatically in the real-time mode taking into consideration current forex quotes. This amount is also a maximum value that trader can withdraw from his account without closing any positions. If the value in this column will drop below zero all opened positions would be closed automatically by the system as a result of so called “margin call”. Margin call is situation when trader have insufficient funds (reserve) for opened position maintenance.


Values in UnrealizedPL, Equity, FreeMargin columns are changed with every new market quote arrival if there are opened trades on the account.


Values in all other columns of the table are changed after making a deal.