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Web Forex Platform


Web Forex Platform

What is Web Forex trading platform?

Web Forex is a platform that runs in Internet browser window, without downloading and installing on PC.

This allows trading from almost any place where additional software downloading and installation is prohibited due to some reasons: lack of space on drives, various restrictions, security (for example in banks, public offices and so on). Web Forex trading platform uses Flash plugin in customer’s browser and it needs only computer, browser and internet connection to access the forex market. It works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. So you can use different types of computers with the same Forex platform.

What features has Web Forex platform?

Web Forex is a perfect web based interface with great usability for beginners and experienced traders, it allows to manage your forex open trades, put, change and delete orders, make deals, place stops and takeprofits, perform  professional technical analysis with preset technical indicators, patterns, charting methods etc. It also gives you an access to your trading account to debit or credit funds, analyze statistics of your trading.

Web Forex Trading Platform includes the same username and password as Trading Desk Pro and Mobile Forex software. So Web Forex Trading Platform gives the same speedy execution, identical prices, news and chars as Trading Desk Pro and Mobile Forex Platforms.

Web Forex Trading platform from High Street Networking includes:

  • real-time streaming rates table;
  • up-to-the-minute news feed including braking news, financial data, commentaries, market expert researches and so on;
  • traders chat view window;
  • forex web charts with professional tools: technical indicators, chartists tools, marks etc.;
  • open trades table;
  • closed trades table;
  • aggregate position table;
  • account table;
  • trader’s history log;
  • trading and price signals tools;
  • deals window with simple (market or pending) and conditional order types.

Works in Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

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