14 January 2013, 17:56  UK, Cameron: Need to improve relationship with EU

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday that he is confident of bringing about some changes to the country's relationship with the European Union. In an interview to BBC Radio 4, he said "Europe is changing and the opportunity for us to lead those changes and make changes that will make our relationship with Europe more comfortable I think are absolutely there." "I am confident we can do that - a fresh settlement and then fresh consent for that settlement," he told the broadcaster. In a separate interview given to ITV, Cameron said as a trading nation, the U.K. is better off in the EU than moving out of it. But powers should flow in both direction. "I'm not happy and the British public isn't happy with every aspect of the relationship now," he said during the interview. Cameron is expected to speak on the prospects of Britain's relationship with the EU, including the possibility of holding a public referendum on the issue, next week.

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