31 January 2003, 08:23  Global Calendar for Friday, Jan. 31 Thru Monday Feb. 3

31-Jan 2330/1830* Japan, Tokyo CPI for January , national CPI for December, unemployment rate, jobs to applicants and workers household spending for December.
31-Jan 0500/0000 Japan housing starts for December.
31-Jan 0700/0200 Germany Dec. Wholesale sales data released.
31-Jan 0745/0245 France Dec ILO jobless rate released.
31-Jan 0745/0245 France Dec Govt budget deficit released.
31-Jan 0800/0300 Italy Dec trade balance with non-EU countries released.
31-Jan 0900/0400 ECB to release EMU current account and balance of payments data.
31-Jan 1100/0600 EMU Jan Business Climate Indicator released.
31-Jan 1100/0600 EMU Jan EMU Economic Sentiment Index released.
31-Jan 1330/0830 U.S. personal income and outlays, PCE chain price index for December.
31-Jan 1330/0830 Canada real GDP at basic prices for November.
31-Jan 1330/0930 IMF spokesman to hold regular briefing in Wash- ington.
31-Jan 1445/0945 U.S. Univ. of Michigan consumer sentiment for Jan. 3 week.
31-Jan 1500/1000 U.S. Chicago PMI for January.
31-Jan 1530/1030 U.S. ECRI leading index for Jan. 24 week.
31-Jan 1730/1230 Fannie Mae Chairman Franklin Raines to address the Women in Housing and Finance about corpo- rate governance issues, in Washington.
31-Jan 1830/1330 International Monetary Fund to hold economic forum on "Links That Bind," in Washington with IMF's Anoop Singh and Randy Kroszner of the Council of Economic Advisers.
31-Jan 2000/1500 U.S. agriculture prices for January.
31-Jan 2100/1600 President Bush and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair to hold news conference at Camp David ahead of talks and informal dinner.
02-Feb n/a Germany state elections in Lower Saxony and Hesse. First results expected around 1700 GMT.
03-Feb 1330/0830 U.S. auto manufacturers to report domestic car and light truck sales for January.
03-Feb 1400/0900 White House to release its fiscal year 2004 budget, in Washington. Briefing with Office of Management and Budget Director Mitch Daniels at 11:00 a.m. EST.
03-Feb 1440/0940 Deadline for weekly tenders on U.S. Freddie Mac 1-month Reference Bills and 2-month bills.
03-Feb 1500/1000 Institute for Supply Management index for Jan. and construction spending for December.
03-Feb 1800/1300 Deadline for weekly tenders on $19 billion in 3-month bills and $17 billion in 6-month bills.
03-Feb 2000/1500 U.S. Treasury to announce quarterly borrowing requirements, in Washington.
03-Feb 2100/1600 Fannie Mae Chairman Franklin Raines to appear at the national launch of the Hit Home project, in Washington.
03-Feb 2330/1830 Federal Reserve Governor Ben Bernanke to speak to the New York Univ. Money Marketeers in New York.

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