29 January 2003, 08:16  Global Calendar for Wednesday, Jan. 29 and Thursday, Jan. 30

29-Jan 2350/1850* Japan industrial production for December.
29-Jan 0800/0300 Italy November world trade balance.
29-Jan 0830/0330 Italy ISAE retail confidence index released.
29-Jan n/a Germany to sell new 30-year Bund at 4.75%, maturing July 2034.
29-Jan 1030/0530 German federal government to release annual economic report.
29-Jan 1200/0700 U.S. MBA Applications Survey for Jan. 24 week.
29-Jan 1330/0830 Canada leading indicators for December.
29-Jan 1400/0900 Treasury Deputy Secretary Kenneth Dam to give keynote speech on outlook for global financial markets at the Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade conference in Washington.
29-Jan 1400/0900 Second day of Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Rate announcement expected around 2:15 p.m. EST.
29-Jan 1430/0930 U.K. Institute for Fiscal Studies Green Budget released.
29-Jan n/a U.S. Fannie Mae to sell $4 to $8 billion in 3-month bills, $1.5 to $4 billion in 6-month bills and $1.5 to $4 billion in 12-month bills.
29-Jan n/a U.N. Security Council to debate Iraq situation.
29-Jan 1500/1000 U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick attends launch of the U.S.-Chile free trade coalition on Capitol Hill.
29-Jan 1500/1000 Senate Budget Committee to hold hearing on the condition of the U.S. economy with Bear Stearns Chief Global Economist David Malpass, in Wash- ington.
29-Jan 1500/1000 Congressional Budget Office hearing on the 10- year budget and economic outlook from fiscal year 2004-2013, in Washington.
29-Jan n/a ABC/Money Magazine weekly survey of U.S. consu- mer confidence.
29-Jan 1800/1300 Bank of England Chief Economist Charles Bean to speak at the London School of Economics.
29-Jan 1800/1300 ECB Governing Council member Ernst Welteke speaks in Gummersbach, Germany.
29-Jan 1800/1300 Deadline for tenders on $27 billion in U.S. Treasury 2-year notes.
29-Jan 1900/1400 Fannie Mae Chairman Franklin Raines to address the Salomon Smith Barney financial services conference. Closed to press, but webcast live.
29-Jan 1900/1400 Treasury Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Peter Fisher to speak at a terrorism risk in- surance conference, in New York.
30-Jan 2350/1850* Japan capital flows for Jan. 24 week.
30-Jan 0745/0245 France Jan Mfg sentiment data released.
30-Jan 0750/0250 France Dec PPI data released.
30-Jan 0800/0300 Italy Dec Producer Prices data released.
30-Jan n/a Italy to sell E3.5 billion in BTP debt at 2.75% maturing Feb 2006; E2.0 billion in 4.75% BTPs maturing Feb 2013 and E2 billion in CCTs at 1.65% maturing in Oct 2009.
30-Jan 0800/0300 ISAE to release latest quarterly forecasts on Italian, international economy.
30-Jan 0900/0400 Italy Dec wage index released.
30-Jan 1030/0530 U.K. Jan GfK consumer confidence released.
30-Jan n/a ECB Governing Council member Ernst Welteke meets with President of the EU Commission Romano Prodi in Brussels.
30-Jan 1330/0830 U.S. jobless claims for week ended Jan. 25 and Gross Domestic Product and Employment Cost Index for the fourth quarter of 2002.
30-Jan 1330/0830 Canada industrial product prices and raw materials prices for December.
30-Jan 1500/1000 U.S. help-wanted index for December.
30-Jan 1500/1000 Senate Budget Committee to hold hearing on the U.S. budget and economic outlook, in Washington
30-Jan 1700/1200 Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to visit President Bush at the White House.
30-Jan 1900/1400 Joint Economic Committee of Congress to hold hearing on Bush administration's economic plan, in Washington. Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Glenn Hubbard to testify.
30-Jan 1900/1400 Federal Reserve to release FOMC minutes from Dec. 10 meeting, in Washington.
30-Jan n/a Mexico maquiladora employment and manhours for October.
30-Jan 2130/1630 U.S. M2 money supply for Jan. 20 week.

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