28 October 2002, 08:13  Global Calendar for Monday Oct. 28

28-Oct 1330/0830 Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Anthony Santomero to speak about risk manage- ment at a conference in New York. Audience Q&A expected.
28-Oct 1330/0830 Canada average hourly earnings and payroll employment for August.
28-Oct 1440/0940 U.S. Freddie Mac to sell 1-month and 2-month Reference Bills.
28-Oct 1800/1300 Deadline for weekly tenders on U.S. Treasury 3-month and 6-month bills.
28-Oct 1800/1300 Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Michael Moskow to take part in panel discussion on the U.S. economy at the International Partners Summit in Chicago.
28-Oct 2000/1500 Treasury to announce fourth-quarter borrowing requirements.

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