11 October 2002, 08:52  Global Calendar for Friday Oct. 11 Through Tuesday Oct. 15

11-Oct n/a BOJ Policy Meeting and Rate Decision
11-Oct 0645/0245 French merchandise trade balance data for August released.
11-Oct 0645/0245 French preliminary CPI data for Sept released.
11-Oct 0645/0245 France Sep-02 HICP, prel. (m/m;y/y); Sep-02 CPI, prel (m/m;y/y); CPI core, prel (m/m;y/y); Aug-02 Merchandise trade balance;
11-Oct 0650/0250 France 2Q-02 GDP, final (q/q;y/y) prel
11-Oct 0650/0250 French final 2Q GDP data released.
11-Oct 0700/0300 Spanish consumer prices data for September released.
11-Oct 0700/0300 Spain Sep-02 Consumer Prices m/m,y/y; Sep-02 Harmonised CPI (HICP) m/m,y/y; Sep-02 Consumer Prices y/y,Harmonised CPI (HICP) m/m,y/y.
11-Oct 0800/0400 International Energy Agency publishes its monthly Oil Market Report.
11-Oct 1100/0700 Canada Sep-02 Employment, Unemp
11-Oct 1230/0830 US Sep-02 Retail & Food Sales; Sep-02 PPI
11-Oct 1230/0830 Bank of Italy Governor Antonio Fazio gives parliamentary testimony on the Government's 2003 budget.
11-Oct 1345/0945 US Sep-02 U of M Cons Sent (p)
11-Oct 1430/1030 US 04-Oct ECRI Leading Index
11-Oct 1645/1245 Treasury Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Peter Fisher speaks to the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies on Capitol Hill.
14-Oct NA German August ICON consumer confidence.
14-Oct 0600/0200 German August retail sales.
14-Oct 0600/0200 German Sept. wholesale price index.
14-Oct 0700/0300 Italy Final CPI, HICP for September.
14-Oct 0830/0430 UK September PPI.
15-Oct 2350*/1950 Japan August Current Account
15-Oct 0600/0200 Europe new car registrations for August.
15-Oct 0645/0245 France August industrial production.
15-Oct 0700/0300 Italy August industrial production.
15-Oct 0830/0430 UK Sep-02 RPI.
15-Oct 1145/0745 US 12-Oct BTM-UBSW Store Sales.
15-Oct 1255/0855 US 12-Oct Redbook store sales.
15-Oct 1300/0900 ZEW EMU and German expectations, curent conditions for October.
15-Oct 1500/1100 US Sep-02 KC Fed New Orders
15-Oct 1700/1300 Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Jack Guynn to discuss the U.S. economic outlook, in Atlanta. Audience Q&A only. Repeats Oct. 2 speech.
15-Oct 1700/1300 White House economic adviser Lawrence Lindsey speaks to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.
15-Oct 1700/1300 U.S. 11-Oct API Crude Oil Stocks

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