31 October 2001, 08:53  Hayami - Unsure if BoJ to maintain current-account balance at 9 trln yen

TOKYO (AFX-ASIA) - Bank of Japan governor Masaru Hayami said he is uncertain whether the bank will maintain the balance of current accounts held at around 9.0 trln yen. The latest figures show the balance totalled 9.45 trln yen yesterday. "We will closely watch market moves," Hayami said. "It's unsure" whether the bank will maintain the 9.0 trln yen level. "I feel sorry but a contraction of the call-money market is innevitable under the current monetary situation but in the future it will swell," he added. The short-term money-market has seen a contraction in liquidity as participants are reluctant to operate when interest rates are effectively zero.

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