30 October 2001, 09:16  Japan's April-Sept. auto exports down 7.8% on year

TOKYO, Oct. 30 (Kyodo) - Japan's auto exports fell 7.8% in the April-September period from a year earlier, marking the first midterm decline in two years due mainly to sluggish exports to Europe and other Asian markets, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said Tuesday. Exports in the first half of fiscal 2001 totaled 2,082,954 units, consisting of 1,778,959 passenger cars, down 7.8%, 279,844 trucks, down 8.9%, and 24,151 buses, up 11.9%. The value of half-year exports amounted to $39.76 billion, down 10.9%, the association said. Exports to the European Union market declined a sharp 20.2% to 383,380 units, marking the third consecutive midterm fall. Those to other Asian nations also dropped 14.0% to 186,020 units, the first midterm fall in three years, it said. Exports to the United States dropped 7.7% to 787,613 units, the first midterm fall in three years. Among the nation's 11 major automakers, Toyota Motor Corp. shipped 824,804 units, down 4.8% from a year earlier, followed by Nissan Motor Co. with 265,504 units, down 9.4%. Mazda Motor Corp., placing third, exported 250,153 units, up 10.2%, while Honda Motor Co. was fourth with 213,958 units, down 14.5%, and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. was fifth with 177,494 units, down 23.5%. In September alone, total exports came to 398,654 units, down 5.0% from a year earlier, the first year-on-year fall in two months, the association said. The exports consisted of 324,206 passenger cars, down 6.0%, 61,320 trucks, level with a year earlier, and 4,128 buses, up 4.7%.

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