3 October 2001, 14:00  Euro zone July retail sales up 1.3 pct vs June, up 0.3 yr-on-yr

BRUSSELS (AFX) - Retail sales in the euro zone in July rose 1.3 pct from their level in June, giving a 0.3 pct rise from a year earlier, the EU's Eurostat statistical service said. In the EU, the monthly rise was up 2.3 pct and 1.3 pct higher, it said. In the euro zone, retail sales of food, drinks and tobacco rose on a monthly basis by 1.1 pct; textile, clothing and footware were up 0.3; and household goods were down 0.1, it said. On an annual basis, food, drinks and tobacco were up 1.9 pct, textiles, clothing and footwear fell 1.0, and household goods were down 1.8, it said. By country, the sharpest monthly rises were in Portugal, up 2.4 pct, Sweden, up 1.0, and the UK, up 0.6, it said. There were falls in Ireland, down 2.4 pct, Belgium, 1.8, and Finland, 1.7, it said. On an annual basis, the sharpest rises were in the UK, 6.8 pct, Ireland, 6.2, and Luxembourg, 3.3. There were falls in Belgimum of 3.7 pct, and Italy, 1.7.

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