22 October 2001, 09:51  Yanagisawa doubts major banks' H1 results will account for all bad loans

TOKYO (AFX-ASIA) - Minister of Financial Affairs Hakuo Yanagisawa said he doubts the major banks will fully and accurately account in the first half results statements all the bad loans on their balance sheets. "Major banks are making efforts to make clear their bad loans but I doubt they can show every bad loan (in their first half results)," Yanagisawa told AFX Asia at the parliament. State Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy Heizo Takenaka said yesterday the regulatory Financial Services Agency should ensure that banks account for all the bad loans on their books. Earlier, Yanagisawa told parliamentarians that major banks should be able to maintain substantial capital adequacy ratios even following their recent moves to sharply increase the disposal of bad loans. "I believe they should consider whether to increase their capital adequacy ratio given the existing measures" to speed up disposal of risky loans.

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