19 January 2001, 16:37  Fed's Broaddus: Little evidence of broad, sharp decline in US

--Broaddus: Downside risks to US economy most likely in near term
--Broaddus says corrections in US manufacturing could last into Q2
--Broaddus: Manufacturing slowdown to curb US economy in first half
--Broaddus sees US economic growth to pick up later in 2001
--Broaddus sees US economic growth weak in first half of 2001
--Broaddus says current US economic situation is "very fluid"
--Broaddus: Little evidence of broad, sharp decline in US economy
--Fed's Broaddus cites market deceleration in US economy
--Fed's Broaddus says US economy has "clearly softened"
By Shihoko Goto, BridgeNews
Richmond--Jan. 18--Although the U.S. economy has clearly shown signs of slowing recently, there is "little evidence" of a sharp and broad decline, Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President Alfred Broaddus said Friday. He said that economic growth could be considerably weaker in the first half of this year but could pick up in the latter half. He noted that the potential weak growth could stem largely from problems faced in the manufacturing sector.

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