17 January 2001, 11:18  German Nov manufacturing, mining sales rose 9.9% on year

By BridgeNews
Frankfurt--Jan. 17--German manufacturing and mining sales in November 2000 rose 9.9% on the year to 236.4 billion Deutsche marks (120.9 billion euros), the Federal Statistics Office in Wiesbaden said Wednesday. The increase in sales abroad continued to show a positive trend with a rise of 16.6% to 87.0 billion marks (44.5 billion euros) in the same period.
* * * In western Germany, industry sales in November were up 9.4% on the year reaching 218.2 billion marks (111.6 billion euros). In eastern Germany, where the industrial base is still much smaller, November sales grew 16.9% on the year to reach 18.2 billion marks (9.3 billion euros).
In October, German industry sales were up 8.8% on the year, following a 5.3% rise in September. Foreign sales in these months were up 17.7% and 12.5%, respectively.

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