11 January 2001, 11:23  German harmonized final 2000 CPI up 2.0% vs. 1999

--German final Dec CPI up 0.1% vs Nov; up 2.2% on year
--German Dec CPI excl. heating oil, fuels up 1.6% on year
--German harmonized Dec CPI up 0.1% on month, up 2.3% on year
--German final 2000 CPI up 1.9% vs. 1999
--German 2000 CPI excl. heating oil, fuels up 1.0% vs. 1999
By BridgeNews
Frankfurt--Jan. 11--The final German consumer prices index rose 0.1% in December from November, and was 2.2% on the year, according to final data released Thursday by the Federal Statistics Office. The results match a BridgeNews survey of economists.
* * * German harmonized consumer prices in December were up 0.1% on the month and up 2.3% on the year. Average annual German inflation in 2000 was up 1.9%, compared with a 0.6% increase in 1999, the office said. (1991=100)

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